Thursday, June 23, 2011


Venue ----- Blok B, Lecture Room 14
Time ----- 5.00pm - 7.00pm
Day ----- Friday

The activities planned to be carried out during the training basically will be like this :

  • Intro (members get to know each other , again, just in-case you are suffering from collateral short term memory loss [forgetting a person that you met a week ago]
  • Solving puzzles [ According to your chess play levels , meaning basic level puzzles for beginners and more advanced puzzles for intermediate and elite players]
  • Grouping [somewhat like a mentor-mentee program in which you will be separated into groups which will be lead by an advanced chess player, useful especially for beginners as they can learn a lot from their mentor]
  • Game analysis (An analysis of a selected game will be briefed by our beloved team manager and chess coach, Ustaz Abd ur-Rahman or [in worst case scenario] by our chess dragon president, Ramone [The Dragon King] )
  • Last but not least, just play chess [hehehe].

So, basically that's all about the training. A kind reminder for all new-comers that this will be your 1st training session so do come and have fun.

If you enjoy playing chess or just want to learn more about chess, then the chess dragons training is the best place you can get both [without getting bored of course]

See you guys there, and as a matter of preparation, can all members reply their availability for the upcoming training [please], all those who can't make it , please give a solid/valid reason [ if you don't want to face the fury of a dragon]

Hope all can make it and looking forward to meet you guys in the training

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